May 24, 2024
Angels FAQ's

What Is Angels With Special Needs?

Angels With Special Needs (AWSN) non-profit organization is dedicated to enriching and improving the lives of severely disabled youth and young adults by raising funds to provide opportunities of inclusion to recreational and socialization activities free of charges to their families who can not afford to provide these items for their disabled family member(s).

How Does Angels With Special Needs Raise Funds?

Fundraisers are conducted year-round, media partners and corporate volunteers working together to ensure inclusion not exclusion for severely disabled in their communities. In addition an annual fundraiser, we sell items via our  online store, and interested college students hold different events like dance marathons, and craft shows-just to name a few of the different activities that are used to bring funds in each year.  The funds in turn are used to provide opportunities of inclusion to recreational activities for disabled youth/young adults.

How Will My Donation Be Used?

Supporting Angels With Special Needs will allow us to continue and improve on the inclusion and respite opportunities we are able to provide families with children who have severe special needs. Your donation regardless of the amount will make a great difference to their lives. Examples of what your money could be used for are:

  • Increase the numbers of families and children we serve with inclusion activities.
  • Respite funds for families of children with severe special needs who are in need of breaks.
  • Making improvements to our website which is the heart of our organization.
  • Production of a quarterly newsletter offering useful information and news about our organization. 
One of Angels With Special Needs founding commitments is to keep funds within the community in which they are generated. All donations go directly to providing severely disabled children and youth recreational and socialization activities. Angels With Special Needs use funds to provide opportunities of inclusion to recreational activities that essential for a healthy life.
Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Angels With Special Needs is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempted organization.  As such, all financial contributions may be a deductible tax for federal income tax purposes.

How did Angels With Special Needs get started?

Angels With Special Needs was started by a small dedicated group of parents, family members, teachers, and friends of severely disabled children in order to meet an unmet need in the community and to raised funds for a summer camp program and a trip to Walt Disney World For twelve children in 2004.

How can I became involved in Angels With Special Needs?

We Welcome supporters who share our mission and are interested in enriching the lives of severely disabled youth and young adults.  Your involvement is a critical component of AWSN.  We welcome your input ideas for parent to parent information sharing, and parent input for inclusion opportunities development, etc. For more information, contact

How can my organization become a sponsor of Angels With Special Needs?
Please contact "Angels With Special Needs" to find out more about sponsorship and partnership opportunities.