May 24, 2024
 Profile 2 - Tarrell's Story

May I just say that your website is beautiful it truly is wonderful. We have a 2 year old son who was treated incorrectly at birth and now has problems with motor skills and speech among other problems. We will hopefully be moving to Florida once we have sorted out a few things here in England. I was wondering if you could assist me in finding a school that will provide our son the best care and schooling and to hopefully help him to reach his full potential. I would be more than happy to email you a photo of Tarell and tell you more about his particular needs and his story.

Tarell was born on the 9/2/2004 and due to placenta abrupt ion was delivered by C-section however the amount of time the hospital took to deliver him caused his disability. Tarell was born dead on delivery and revived again but by this time he was severely brain damaged.

Tarell is a beautiful happy and bouncy child full of character and has so far surprised the neurologist who deals with Tarell his motor skills are poor and speech, Tarell also suffers from epileptic fits also, however he is very vocal and loves playing with his toys and going for walks in the park, he also enjoys swimming and Thomas the tank engine on TV.

Me and my wife knew nothing about CP until Tarell arrived and really were oblivious to the hard work, time, and effort that is needed when you have a child with this condition but that aside we love our son to bits he is a real joy to have and we love hearing him laughing and giggling when playing or watching something he finds funny on the TV.

I hope you are well and the best of luck with your efforts for the organization!

Phillip & Sharon Rawes